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“Thanks for checking out 3C Baking Co!  We bake all natural dog treats that taste as fresh as they smell.  Too bad they haven’t invented smell-o-vision yet.  Our customers are concerned about all of the unnecessary

 additives in commercially produced dog food and treats, and believe in feeding their dogs a healthy diet. You can’t even pronounce most of the ingredients in today’s mass-produced dog treats and food, let alone know

 what they are! (Trust us, they’re fillers and chemicals and preservatives – stuff nobody’s pooch needs to consume!) Our customers want quality, all natural ingredients in a product they can trust. They want to provide

 their furry friends with only the BEST in healthy, low fat, great tasting and smelling treat options. (After all, dogs don’t have any money to get their own!) “Each 10 OZ. bag of handmade 3C Baking Co. treats contains over

 50 of our crispy, crunchy, aromatic, flavorful dog treats. We have five flavors (list in caps above).  “All of our flavors are original recipes by the 3C’s themselves! They’re created by WENDY and always tested & quality

 controlled by Elley the hungry brown lab retriever. Always checked by at least 3 quality control dogs, Elley,  Kelley  and Chief .  “We hope your dogs love and benefit from 3C Baking Co. treats as much as our 3 QC dogs


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For questions, comments or concerns please contact Wendy Newcomb at 16 Captiva Road Berlin, MA 01503 Tel: (978)-580-7455

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